1. Representation and sales services
  2. Building partnerships with existing or new partners
  3. Itinerary suggestions
  4. Direct contracting & negotiation with partners/suppliers
  5. Client support and communication
  6. Services and operations on location
  7. Marketing and social media planing
  8. Positioning new product or services
  9. Business Start ups
  10. Coaching



  1. Destination Management
  2. Positioning new product or services
  3. Market development plans to create new strategies to create and exploit new markets
  4. Strategic plans
  5. Market research
  6. Familiarization and press trips
  7. Workshops
  8. Marketing and Social Media Planning
  9. Representation and sales services
  10. Support in sales, marketing and business plan development


  1. Strategic planing
  2. Sales improvement
  3. Market Research
  4. Analyses
  5. Brand strategy and positioning
  6. marketing
  7. media planing and counseling
  8. social media
  9. public relations


Pro Sensus is consulting company specialized in consulting, marketing, representation, contracting and sales services for Tourism Industry. We specialize in North American (USA & Canada), Central-South European and Central-East European markets.

We provide creative and professional, tailor-made solutions for our clients which deliver results, offer flexibility and value for money.